About Frasaco USA and Practicon

Since 1997, Practicon, Inc. has been the proud exclusive distributor of Frasaco in the United States and Canada. Under Practicon's institutional sales department, Frasaco USA has been providing the most advanced products and unparalleled service to each of its customers. For more than 80 years, Franz Sachs & Co (fra-sa-co), of Tettnang, Germany, has been offering the world's best, most sophisticated dental training, and education systems. Frasaco's innovative designs and superior quality have set the standard for excellence throughout the history of dental education.

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Why Frasaco?

Personalized service
The mission of Frasaco USA is to serve the specific needs of each and every one of our customers. To achieve this, we provide the best customer support, assistance and services for dental education, demonstration and simulation.

Every Frasaco product is made in Germany of the finest and most durable materials. Precise engineering and standardization ensure proper occlusion and tooth morphology on every product we design, and eliminates the risk of variation from tooth-to-tooth and model-to-model.

Extensive product line
Frasaco has an extremely wide and versatile array of dental simulation products, which includes working models for simple dental hygiene techniques to advanced oral surgery procedures.

All of Frasaco's products are designed to be as streamlined, yet functional, as possible. Simplified design, mechanics and engineering yield a reduced learning curve for the user, therefore valuable time and effort can be invested concentrating on dental technique rather then on learning how to operate the simulators. Frasaco strives to provide our customers with the best quality, variety, functionality and service available on the market today.

Frasaco USA is distributed by Practicon, Inc.
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